Our Unique Technology is our Advantage


Keyword Optimization

Why do parking companies rely only on the keywords handed down by upstream providers??  We don’t.  Since 2002 our systems have been analyzing and optimizing keywords in every possible domain category and sub-category.  As a result, we know exactly what keywords will produce maximum monetization.  Start using better keywords to earn more domain parking revenue.


Mobile Traffic Optimization

We use mobile optimized landing pages. .  So if you’re not parking with us, you can bet that you’re dramatically underperforming on the ever-growing amount of mobile traffic in your portfolio.  Earn more on ALL of your parked domain traffic today.

Landing Page Optimization

We’re constantly building and testing new landing page designs on our own domain portfolio.  When we find winners, we add them to our lander rotation system that periodically tests new designs against previous winners and quickly selects the best one for each of your domains. Take advantage of landing page optimization technology that never rests.

Technology that Scales

  • Over 5 million domains per month on our platform.

  • 👥

    Over 500 million individually optimized landing pages rendered per month.

  • 📱

    Leading domain monetization and services platform across desktops, tablets, as well as smart, feature, and wap mobile phones.

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